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Winter fashion just isn't complete without the perfect accessory to keep your ears warm. Snazzy up a simple ensemble with a floppy felt hat, or casually add a soft beanie to add a soft touch to a comfy outfit. 



I finally had the pleasure of trying on Chuck Taylor's for the [FIRST] time today! I have always been attracted to the classiness of the white Chucks so I gave em' a go :) & I fell in love. Truth be told, I jumped onto the Chuck train pretty late in my fashion game, but what can a girl do?!

I've entered a new realm of envisioning outfits around Chucks, vintage Nikes and funky sneaks. My thoughts are bouncing all over the place. 

Now. Let me be honest for a second. I have never understood the whole "omg this dress is beautiful. let me just pair it with some athletic shoes & rock it". Perhaps I just need to be a bit more bold. I'm not trying to impose my opinion upon you, but for now, I commend those who pair elegant outfits with sneaks. Personally, I'ma leave it for the runway & continue my own journey in this style one step at a time. Who knows, perhaps come spring time I'll be pairing printed long sleeve & short rompers with some Jordans. Only time will tell! 

Here's a board for your inspiration purposes. I encourage you to join me on this journey! 

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Have you ever wondered how to emanate true beauty? Have you ever asked yourself the question 'Why am I trying to prove my beauty to others'? It's a battle that I'm 99.9% sure all women go through. When I consider the style of minimalism, it obliterates all of those questions. It speaks to the core of a woman.

Minimalism says to me, [[ you don't have to prove yourself to be beautiful, it's just who you are ]]

Ralph Emerson once wrote, "we ascribe beauty to that which is simple".

That is the root of style. It is not what we wear, it is who we are! And we were made for simplicity. 

So. MINIMALISM. Neutral tones. Beautiful texture combinations. Elegant yet casual. A highly attainable style for anyone. Juxtaposition of loose fitted and tight fitted garments. Reflection of nature. It's one of my favorites, I just adore it more and more and more. Even typing about it makes me want to run to TJ Maxx & find all of the flowy blouses & tan handbags a Maxxinista could find :)

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention
— Walter Mitty

Style is joyful if you allow yourself to have joy.
— Stacy London

PEP - inyourstep - LUM

Let's just take a moment to adore the shape that is peplum. It's the best example of sophisticated ruffles that I ever did see. It makes a woman feel feminine & girly and at the same time empowered & confident. If you have never worn a peplum top, or skirt for that manner, NOW IS THE TIME! It'll be a ground breaking experience, believe me, you! And if it's not ground breaking.....well then you can send your peplum my way :)

The way peplum emphasizes the hourglass shape reminds me of breaking waves in the ocean rippling one on top of the other. It is a reflection on the beautiful accentuation of a bouquet. With the ability to elegantly display print and texture, peplum is the jam. A style created by the ancient Greeks and recreated through the designs of Christian Dior, peplum is a timeless silhouette that speaks volumes on how delightful femininity truly is. 


My mind lately has been nothing but a filter for all things jumpsuit. These past 9 weeks in Myrtle Beach, I have gone from my Chick-fil-a uniform straight to a tank top & Nike shorts. Can you say, 'stylin & profilin'? I didn't think so :) Naturally, I am craving the return of well thought out styled [outfits]. Currently stuck in my mind are the following:

  • strapless jumpsuit - sweet heart neckline
  • mint green suede flats
  • multi colored belt
  • beige clutch
  • gold accessories

I understand Fall is right around the corner, but I need to finish summer out with a BANG. And by bang, I'm obviously referring to this outfit. Here's a little inspiration board to provide the flavor (flave)!